Thursday, April 09, 2020
2018 County Taxes



Due to the COVID-19 virus, the deadline to pay your property taxes at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has been extended 30 days.  The new deadline is now Friday, May 15th.


The Sheriff’s Office will not be inspecting vehicles at this time due to the Governor’s order 2020-257.


You may use the drop box for property taxes, business license and CCDW renewals.  Please follow the instructions on the CCDW renewal notice and place in an envelope. You may apply for your CCDW or renew online at

2019 County Taxes


  • Please have your original tax bill when making your payment.

  • If your taxes are escrowed, you will need to forward the bill to
  • your mortgage company.

  • We do not accept postmarks.  All payments will need to be sent in time to arrive in our office by the dates specified.

Viewing Bills

To view basic payment information, search for a bill by bill number, map number, owner name or address and click search.  If more than one year is present please select correct tax year prior to searching.

  • To view bill details:
  • After finding the proper bill click Details.
  • Please make sure all Popup Blockers are turned off
  • When viewing bill details in Firefox the bill will not be displayed but will download to your browser.  Hit CTRL-J to open downloads.

In order to print the list hit CTRL-P


Paying Bills Online

Click the icon below to pay online.


Consumer Fees:

Visa, MasterCard & Discover Credit/Debit = $1.50 < $60.00 and 2.49% > $60.01 Visa Signature Debit = $3.95 American Express = $3.5% + $1.50 ACH/e-Check limit of $20,000


The Consumer fee is charged by a Third party company. The consumer fee is non-refundable. The card-holder is notified of consumer fee amount prior to authorization of the card, and has the option to opt-out and pay by another payment method. If consumer fee is accepted, and authorized, the consumer fee will appear as a separate charge on card-holder statement.

To find payment information use the Tax Search below and search for a bill by bill number, map number, owner name or address and click search.


Tax Bill Search


You may need to allow popups from this website to search tax bills.

Click this link - Tax Bill Search 

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